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Live Pickleball on ESPN: Sport Continues in the Face of COVID-19 with It’s Pickleball Mania World Championships

News Stacie Townsend 03-25-2020

With the entire sporting world shut down to combat COVID-19, the pickleball world is taking over ESPN3! On Thursday, March 26th, 2020, at 12:00 pm (ET), It’s Pickleball Mania World Championships, featuring a battle between Ben Johns, Kyle Yates, Adam Stone, and Dekel Bar, will take place exclusively on ESPN3. This is the ONLY live TV sporting event currently available to viewers on ESPN!

Do not fear! These four top pickleball pros, as well as the broadcasters and broadcasting team (which is promised to be less than 6 people on the broadcast team), will be maintaining best practices to combat COVID-19 and will be playing at an exclusive private residence in the State of Florida.

It’s Pickleball Mania World Championships is co-founded by Ryan Sherry (a former tennis professional), Brandon Siler (an NFL veteran), and Peter (P.J.) Jensen (a former professional football player). These three gentlemen will also serve as the tournament directors.

If you do not have the ESPN3 app, download the ESPN3 app now, so that you can livestream the exclusive pickleball event!

Mark your calendars! Set your alarms! We have live pro pickleball to watch!


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