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A Little Perspective Shapes Jonny Pickleball

Strategy & Technique Stacie Townsend 09-20-2021

Pickleball pro, Jonny Andrews, more commonly known as “Jonny Pickleball,” travels around the country putting on shows for local pickleball communities. His shows feature great pickleball play, but also focus on having fun with the sport and the community. Jonny Pickleball loves to be on the grassroots level of the sport and get to know the people in each local community. He notes that everyone has a story, which is something that he learned during his service in the United States Army.

Jonny Pickleball’s service actually seems to have shaped his entire perspective and approach with the sport of pickleball. Jonny Pickleball entered the service while he was enrolled in college. He was motivated to enlist because he wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself. Jonny Pickleball craved for purpose and direction.

Through his time on the front lines, Jonny Pickleball learned to be aware of circumstances beyond himself, as well as how to have fun in the moment. He always strives never to take himself too seriously and enjoys a friendly banter. All of these characteristics are on full display if you have ever seen Jonny Pickleball put on one of his shows—the Jonny Pickleball Show!

Jonny Pickleball found the sport of pickleball around 2015 in Vitalia in Tradition, Florida. He found his way onto a pickleball court with an 80-year-old partner, who Jonny Pickleball characterized as a “bossy little thing.” She would yell at Jonny Pickleball to go “stand up there,” “do that,” and now “do that.” She would also yell, at the very top of her lungs, “PICKLEBALL,” after every return of serve, as she charged her way into the pickleball net.

After this first experience, Jonny Pickleball was hooked. His longing for purpose and direction, which he lost after he left the Army, was now fulfilled. Whether Jonny Pickleball just needed exercise, competition, or a social outlet, Jonny Pickleball found his new purpose and direction. He was also yelling “PICKLEBALL” every time he ran into the pickleball net, until someone alerted him that that was not an actual rule of pickleball, but rather something he misunderstood from his first pickleball-loving partner.

A Little Perspective Shapes Jonny Pickleball | Pickler Pickleball

Fast forward to today, Jonny Pickleball is keeping his perspective. He notes that a bad day on the pickleball court is still a good day and, in fact, he would take a pickleball to the head anytime. Jonny Pickleball is out to have fun, but he is also out to grow the game, shine a light on local pickleball communities that have done and are doing their part to further the sport, and give back to organizations that have a special purpose to him—notably, the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund. These special causes are noticeable if you have ever seen Jonny Pickleball play, as he flashes a pickleball paddle that features camouflage. This camouflage pickleball paddle helps Jonny Pickleball and his sponsor, EngagePickleball, raise money that is donated to the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund (which Jonny Pickleball selected as his non-profit of choice because of their mission and the fact that 85% of all proceeds go directly to veterans). The camouflage pickleball paddle also serves as a reminder to be grateful to those that serve, have served, and have paid the ultimate sacrifice—in other words, the camouflage pickleball paddle serves as a reminder to Jonny Pickleball of his purpose and direction. 

A Little Perspective Shapes Jonny Pickleball | Pickler Pickleball

If you would like Jonny Pickleball to bring the show to your community (he would love to be a guest in your house!), please reach out to us at And, if you ever find yourself at a Jonny Pickleball Show, be sure to stop Jonny Pickleball, say hi, and get to know him. Although we have known Jonny Pickleball since 2018, we did not know him as well as we thought after speaking with him for this pickleball blog, so be sure to get to know him on and off the pickleball court next time you have the chance when he is in your pickleball community.


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