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Have a Pickleball Question? Ask Pickler!

News Stacie Townsend 08-05-2017

Do you have a question about pickleball? What is pickleball? How to play? Where to play? Why to play? Want tips to improve your pickleball game? Need a pickleball rule explanation or breakdown? Want to know how you can get more involved in the pickleball community?

Reach out and ask us your pickleball question anytime by emailing We will do our best to help!


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Stacie Townsend

Celebrity to Fuel Pickleball’s Growth in a Huge Way

Every day, more and more celebrities are picking up a paddle to join the fun that is the sport of pickleball. From LeBron...

7 min read


Stacie Townsend

How to Get Rid of the “Serving Yips” in Pickleball

Have you heard of the “serving yips” on the pickleball court? The serving yips on the pickleball court can be very challenging...

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Stacie Townsend

Live Pickleball on ESPN: Sport Continues in the Face of COVID-19 with It's Pickleball Mania World Championships

With the entire sporting world shut down to combat COVID-19, the pickleball world is taking over ESPN3! On Thursday, March...

2 min read