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Cover The Third Shots Down The Middle

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 05-01-2023

If you are the partner on the receiving team that is already standing at the Kitchen line, be aggressive on the fourth shot in terms of covering the middle. In other words, if the serving team hits the third shot down the middle, consider being a bit aggressive, covering the middle, and hitting this shot. This is because your partner is moving in to the Kitchen line, so your partner is likely to still be on the move. It is more difficult to hit the pickleball on the move, as opposed to a stationary position. You do not need to be overly aggressive and cover too much of the court, but try covering the middle if you are able to hit a stronger shot than your partner running up from the baseline.


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Stacie Townsend

Always, Always, Always Be Ready

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Stacie Townsend

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