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Back to Our Pickleball Roots

News Stacie Townsend 04-09-2020

Did you know that the three founding fathers of pickleball created the game out of a necessity to entertain their bored children? They improvised with the recreational gear they had at hand, which included a badminton net, table tennis paddles, and a wiffle ball.

Millions of people can probably relate to this necessity as they stay at home in quarantine. And, the pickleball community certainly misses being out on the pickleball court with each other. So, why not do what the pickleball founding fathers did? Improvise!

  • Play pickleball in and around your house with the people that you are quarantined with! Create a backyard pickleball game for your quarantine family. For other ideas on how to play an adapted version of pickleball, see Pickler’s What to Do in Quarantine blog.
  • Engage with your pickleball community! Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US for a number of reasons, including it is fun, great exercise, and has the best community of people! Even though we are at home, under quarantine, and off the pickleball courts, we can still celebrate and stay connected to our great community and pickleball friends. Reach out to your pickleball friends, say hello, and make sure they are doing okay under these challenging times.
  • Be creative and productive! In 1965, when the pickleball founding fathers created the sport of pickleball, they probably had no idea the lasting impact their creation would have. So, like the pickleball founding fathers, be creative and be productive! Who knows what you will create? It could have lasting impact for generations to come!


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