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Greg Hansen

What is a Carbon-Kevlar Pickleball Paddle and Will it Improve Your Performance?

It seems that almost all pickleball paddle manufacturers are moving toward Carbon Kevlar hybrid faces. The question is why?...

10 min read


Greg Hansen

Transitioning From Tennis to Pickleball

Tennis and pickleball may seem similar, but becoming skilled at pickleball requires a unique set of abilities. It takes time...


Greg Hansen

Gamification of Pickleball Practice

One thing is crystal clear: mixing fun and practice can work wonders in improving your pickleball game. If you find drills...

6 min read


Greg Hansen

Dink Drills to Elevate Your Precision and Control on the Pickleball Court

Whether it's an offensive shot or a defensive shot, the goal of the dink is to hit a shot that is unattackable by your opponents....

12 min read


Greg Hansen

The Advantages and Considerations of Playing Pickleball Indoors

Playing pickleball indoors offers numerous benefits and also brings a set of unique challenges that players need to consider....

5 min read


Greg Hansen

The Third Shot and Net Defense Drill

The Third Shot and Net Defense Drill is a dynamic exercise tailored to enhance both offensive and defensive prowess on the...


Greg Hansen

Different Ways to Play Skinny Singles

Skinny singles, a unique form of singles in pickleball, offers players an exciting twist to traditional game-play. By dividing...