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Greg Hansen

Gamification of Pickleball Practice

One thing is crystal clear: mixing fun and practice can work wonders in improving your pickleball game. If you find drills...

6 min read


Greg Hansen

Dink Drills to Elevate Your Precision and Control on the Pickleball Court

Whether it's an offensive shot or a defensive shot, the goal of the dink is to hit a shot that is unattackable by your opponents....

12 min read


Greg Hansen

The Advantages and Considerations of Playing Pickleball Indoors

Playing pickleball indoors offers numerous benefits and also brings a set of unique challenges that players need to consider....

5 min read


Greg Hansen

The Third Shot and Net Defense Drill

The Third Shot and Net Defense Drill is a dynamic exercise tailored to enhance both offensive and defensive prowess on the...


Greg Hansen

Different Ways to Play Skinny Singles

Skinny singles, a unique form of singles in pickleball, offers players an exciting twist to traditional game-play. By dividing...