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Stacie Townsend

Pickler Recap: My Time at the US Open

This past week, I was one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to not only attend the US Open in Naples, Florida, as...

5 min read


Stacie Townsend

Pickle Your Opponent: 5 Things to Know Before the US Open (or Any Other Pickleball Tournament)

Tournaments are becoming increasingly popular among pickleball players. One of the biggest pickleball tournaments of the...

3 min read


Stacie Townsend

Pickle Your Opponent: 5 Tips to Becoming the Perfect Pickleball Partner

As we all know, pickleball is popularly played in doubles. As such, mastering the art of being the perfect pickleball partner...

3 min read


Stacie Townsend

Pickle Your Opponent: Playing Pickleball with a Lefty

About three points into the pickleball game, I hit what I thought was a decent shot to my opponent’s backhand. However,...

3 min read


Stacie Townsend

The Pickler I Met: John Cioffoletti – The Pickleball Activist

Meet Pickler John Cioffoletti. John started playing pickleball upon his retirement in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, after...

2 min read


Stacie Townsend

Looking to Be in the Pickleball Know?

There is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet, including a wealth of knowledge about pickleball. As we work to continue...

4 min read


Stacie Townsend

Win More Points with this Pickleball Ready Position

One of the most important concepts in pickleball, which is not taught or discussed enough, is the ready position. The ready...

20 min read


Stacie Townsend

The Pickler I Met: Anna Leigh Waters – The Future of Pickleball

By now, I hope you have had a chance to read Our Story here at Pickler, which features the first Pickler I met, 90-year-old...

3 min read


Stacie Townsend

Have a Pickleball Question? Ask Pickler!

Do you have a question about pickleball? What is pickleball? How to play? Where to play? Why to play? Want tips to improve...

1 min read