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Pickle Your Opponent: The Ready Position

by Stacie Townsend

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Being ready is key in the game of pickleball. This is especially true when playing against the so-called "bangers." By being in the correct position, you can give yourself an advantage, and a few extra tenths of a second, to pickling your opponent.

The ready position is a compressed, athletic position - in other words, a bend in your knees - so you are ready to attack. Your arms should have a slight bend in the elbow (not completely outstretched), and your paddle should be out in front of your chest, so that you can see your paddle. If your arms are too outstretched, you will have no power on your block/punch back to your opponent. If your arms and paddle are too close to your body, you will not have the room to react to your opponent's shot. Your paddle should also be facing your opponent, with your hands in a "10 and 2" position (similar to what you may have learned in driver's education). If your paddle is not facing your opponent, but rather perpendicular to your opponent (and your body), you will not have time to react to the bangers. Remember, the kitchen is only 14 feet wide, so that pickleball can come quick. Every tenth of a second matters.

Use this ready position on every shot. It is important to always mentally and physically be in the game and ready to pounce, even if your opponents are targeting your partner in doubles play. You never know when your opponents will surprise you with a shot.

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Stacie Townsend
Stacie Townsend


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