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Pickler Introduces My Pro Pickleball Coach With Coach Steve Kennedy to Help You Learn to Play Your Best Pickleball

by Stacie Townsend

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My Pro Pickleball Coach is a platform created by Pickler to help you play your best pickleball. Pickler has teamed up with pickleball pro and pickleball coach, Steve Kennedy, to bring you My Pro Pickleball Coach, which features a compilation of over 140 video lessons (or over 7 hours of lessons!), as well as a corresponding e-book, that breaks down every aspect of the sport of pickleball, including pickleball mechanics, fundamentals, strategy, advanced concepts, and drills. Unlike other videos on the web, My Pro Pickleball Coach is organized for you in one place, has one consistent message from start to finish, touches on every aspect of the game, and is taught by the best in the coaching business! Learn to play your best pickleball for a fraction of the price of one clinic with Pickler's My Pro Pickleball Coach! 

The inspiration behind My Pro Pickleball Coach was the evolution of my (Stacie Townsend) own game, and my parents’ respective pickleball games. I found pickleball in 2017 when my parents introduced me to the sport. When I first started, like many of you, I was a 2.5/3.0 player. I played recreationally with my parents as a way to spend time together. I quickly fell in love with, and had a deep appreciation for, the sport of pickleball. The more time I spent on the pickleball courts, the hungrier I was to improve, but I did not know how. I had no idea what a drop shot was. I did not understand the strategy of the game. And, I had no tennis background, so I did not have the proper technique on groundstrokes.

I wanted to improve and I wanted to play at a higher level with my friends. Who doesn’t want to improve and progress, right? So, my mother, Beth Townsend, did some research and found Coach Steve Kennedy. We, as a family, took several lessons from Coach Steve and learned the real fundamentals and strategy of the sport of pickleball. Working with Coach Steve was invaluable to my game. After working with Coach Steve, not only did I win my first tournament, but I quickly progressed to the 5.0 level and won my first pro tournament. My parents also saw tremendous improvement, as they too have won medals at the 3.0 and 3.5 levels.

What I am trying to say is that Coach Steve is the real deal, not only as a pro pickleball player, but, more importantly, as a pickleball coach. He has over 30 years of coaching experience in either pickleball or tennis, which is evident from the moment you step on the pickleball courts with him. My Pro Pickleball Coach captures Coach Steve’s 30 years of experience and turns it into an organized, progressive, and comprehensive guide to improve your pickleball game and teach you to play your best pickleball.

My Pro Pickleball Coach is designed for any pickleball player or pickleball coach that wants to improve their abilities on the court. Whether you are a beginner, a 3.0 player, or a 5.0 player, you will learn something that you can immediately apply to your pickleball game from My Pro Pickleball Coach’s pickleball video lessons and pickleball e-book.

To really appreciate how organized and comprehensive My Pro Pickleball Coach's pickleball videos and corresponding e-book collection are, check out the video and e-book table of contents HERE! Click here to learn to play your best pickleball with our over 140 pickleball videos lessons NOW

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Stacie Townsend
Stacie Townsend


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