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Pickleball Rules to Know - Pickleball Apparel Rules

Have you ever been asked to change your outfit while on the pickleball court? For instance, if you were wearing a yellow shirt that matched the color of the pickleball?

Rule 2.G of the 2020 Official Rulebook for USA Pickleball states that a player may be required to change outfits if the outfit is inappropriate. This could include an outfit that causes a safety risk or distraction on the pickleball court (e.g. camouflages the pickleball) or an outfit that has pictures, writing, symbols, or other graphics that are not in good taste. Also, to note, shoes may not mark or damage the pickleball court's playing surface.

It is important to comply with these pickleball apparel rules during sanctioned competitive play, as a player could end up forfeiting a match if a tournament director requests an outfit change and the playing refuses to change.

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