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Undefeated in D.C.

Pickle4 Team 06-27-2024

MLP was back in action with some shakeups for its second event of 2024 in Washington, D.C. 💪 MLP announced some small rule changes, the Seattle Pioneers have rebranded as Carolina Pickleball Club, and there were some player substitutions due to injuries. In the Premier League, The New York Hustlers featuring Lea Jansen, Jackie Kawamoto, CJ Klinger, and Jack Sock now sit in first place after an undefeated performance. 🙌 In Challenger, the Las Vegas Night Owls dominated in Dreambreaker and not only went undefeated on the weekend, but are currently undefeated for the season. 🦉 MLP also had its first waiver wire period and teams in both Premier League and Challenger League made some changes to their lineups.

For a full recap on these events, check out the following:

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball action in June and July! 📆


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