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Triple Crown In Newport Beach

developer 07-11-2022

To grow the sport of pickleball, we need to invest in the sport of pickleball. One way to invest is with your time – in particular, by taking the time to watch and cheer on the pros and the people investing money to bring more visibility to the game (in addition to playing yourself, of course). We watch pickleball to support the people, players, and businesses that are investing in and trying to grow the sport. Plus, it is pure fun and entertainment. We hope you join us in watching and supporting the pro tour, which includes USA Pickleball, PPA Tour, APP Tour, and Major League Pickleball events.

And, if you miss any action, don’t worry. We will be here with the recaps and summaries to keep you in the know.

Get the rundown on the latest event – the USA Pickleball Newport Beach Championships – where one pickleball pro snagged the illustrious triple crown!

And, don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball at the APP Beer City Open later this month!


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