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Triple Crown for Jorja Johnson

Pickle4 Team 03-13-2024

The PPA headed to snowy Lakeville, MN for the National Indoor Championships March 6-10. With top pros Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns sitting out this event, and James Ignatowich and Tyson McGuffin with injuries, there were new teams and new players on the winner’s podium. Gold medals went to Vivienne David and Thomas Wilson in mixed doubles, Christian Alshon and Thomas Wilson in men’s doubles, and Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher in women’s doubles. These wins marked the first PPA gold medal for Wilson, Alshon, and Rohrabacher.

The APP traveled to warmer weather in California for the Sacramento Open. Jorja Johnson secured her first triple crown with the help of brother JW in mixed doubles and Jill Braverman in women’s doubles. Men’s singles saw a shakeup with three of the bracket’s top players absent from the event. Will Howells defeated Jack Foster to earn the gold.

For a full recap on these events, check out the following:

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball action in March! 📆


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