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The 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships wrapped up seven days of professional and amateur competition in Texas this past weekend. All the tournament results are now available online. 🏆

developer 12-12-2023

In victories across the board, Anna Leigh Waters claimed another triple crown. 👑

J.W. Johnson took home the men’s singles title and stood on the podium three times taking silver with Dylan Frazier in Men’s Doubles and Bronze with sister Jorja Johnson in Mixed Doubles.

Congrats to all the medal winners- a wrap-up of the pro medals is below.

Women’s Singles

🥇Gold: Anna Leigh Waters

🥈Silver: Catherine Parenteau

🥉Bronze: Judit Castillo

Women’s Doubles

🥇Gold: Anna Leigh Waters / Catherine Parenteau

🥈Silver: Maggie Brascia / Mary Brascia

🥉Bronze: Anna Bright / Jade Kawamoto

Men’s Singles

🥇Gold: J.W. Johnson

🥈Silver: Jaume Martinez Vich

🥉Bronze: Christopher Haworth

Men’s Doubles

🥇Gold: Ben Johns / Collin Johns

🥈Silver: Dylan Frazier / J.W. Johnson

🥉Bronze: Riley Newman / Christian Alshon

Mixed Doubles

🥇Gold: Anna Leigh Waters / Ben Johns

🥈Silver: Anna Bright / James Ignatowich

🥉Bronze: Jorga Johnson / J.W. Johnson

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball action in NOVEMBER! 🗓


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