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Mlp Season 1 Wraps For The 2023 Season

developer 06-26-2023

Season 1 of 2023 for Major League Pickleball (the first of two mini-series for the 2023 calendar year) came to an end with the “super finals” being aired live on ESPN2, where the top two teams on the season would play head-to-head for the chance to take home $240,000 on the day. Heading into the super finals, world #1 Ben Johns and his Seattle Pioneers looked to be the strong favorites, as the Pioneers won two out of three events to earn their spot in the super finals. Their challengers—the LA Mad Drops—won the other of the three events. However, the Mad Drops made a statement from the very first game of the match and completely upset the Pioneers in straight games. Mad Drops player Irina Tereschenko has now won more than 50% of total MLP events since its inception, making her the “MLP GOAT.”

Get the full recap of MLP San Clemente, as well as the full breakdown of the super finals. Congrats to the LA Mad Drops on winning Season 1!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball action in July (i.e., the start of the “Dog Days of Summer”)!


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