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Double Double

Pickle4 Team 03-27-2024

The PPA Tour faced some wild weather at the Austin Open in Texas that seemed to welcome some 🌪️ whirlwind shakeups for the event. Anna Leigh Waters withdrew from the women’s singles event making way for Judit Castillo to earn the gold medal and her first ever PPA singles win. Andrei Daescu and Anna Bright earned the “double double” 🥇🥇 at the event with gold medals in mixed doubles and gender doubles. Daescu and Bright defeated top duo Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns. Bright and her partner Rachel Rohrabacher gave Waters and Catherine Parenteau their first loss as a pair in women’s doubles.

The APP headed to Florida for the Miami Open. This event also had a “double double” winner with Dylan Frazer earning the gold 🥇in mixed with Hurricane Tyra Black and men’s doubles with JW Johnson. After a triple crown 👑in California, Jorja Johnson earned another gold medal with women’s doubles partner Milan Rane. Another (unrelated) Johnson took the men’s singles title with Hunter Johnson defeating Grayson Goldin.

For a full recap on these events, check out the following:

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