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Pickleball Rules to Know - Paddle Weight

Did you know that there is no restriction on the weight of your pickleball paddle? Your pickleball paddle can weigh as much as, or as little as, you desire (See Rule 2.E.4 of the 2020 Official Rulebook for USA Pickleball).

Have you tried differently weighted pickleball paddles? The weight of your pickleball paddle is your personal preference. Some pickleball players like light pickleball paddles because lighter pickleball paddles generally improve reaction time, require less strength to whip about the pickleball court, and are easier on injuries, such as "tennis elbow." Other pickleball players prefer heavier pickleball paddles because heavier pickleball paddles help generate more power. Some pickleball players even add lead tape to their pickleball paddles to increase the weight even further. To learn why and how to use lead tape, read Pickler's blog What Is Lead Tape & Should I Use It on My Pickleball Paddle?

What is your preference? Do you like a light pickleball paddle, or a heavy pickleball paddle? Why? Share with us in the comments below.