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The Pickler I Met: Mike Cooper and Brandon Hubschman – The Creative Picklers

by Stacie Townsend 1 Comment

Pickler Pickleball Blog | Mike Cooper & Brandon Hubschman – The Creative Picklers

The sport of pickleball is pure fun. People of all ages—from kids to senior citizens—can join on one common pickleball court, have fun, and all act like kids. I love when this pure fun and enjoyment transcends into other aspects of various Picklers lives. In other words, I love when pickleball spills over into, and inspires us in, our other hobbies and passions (yes, shocking as it may seem, some Picklers find time for other hobbies and passions 😊).

One such talented Pickler is Mike Cooper of Dallas, Texas. Mike joined the pickleball community about 4 years ago, and, like the rest of us, immediately fell in love with the sport. Since then, pickleball has reignited an old passion for Mike, as pickleball has inspired Mike to pick up his old guitar—a guitar he had not touched for the 25 years prior when he stopped playing with his high school band. Out of his love for pickleball, Mike has written and broadcasted a few songs about his experiences on the pickleball courts and other people in the pickleball community. Some of you may already have seen Mike’s pickleball hits performed on YouTube (if not, click here). One of Mike’s pickleball hits, Pickleball Sue, caught our attention with its clever lyrics and catchy beat. It is a must watch and listen, so click here for the full video! According to Mike, the song, Pickleball Sue, was inspired by a few of the “Sue’s” that he plays with—as there are so many sweet and competitive people on the pickleball court—but none in particular. Be on the lookout for Pickler Mike in Indian Wells, California for the USAPA Nationals this November, as he will be competing! Good luck, Pickler Mike! We hope all of the participants and fans will be lucky to get a killer pickleball performance on the pickleball courts, as well as a stunning musical pickleball performance off the pickleball courts!

Another such talented Pickler is Brandon Hubschman of South Florida. Brandon joined the pickleball community about 2 years ago and has never looked back. He has quickly become a 5.0 player, sponsored by Selkirk Sport, with recent gold medal performances at the US Open in Naples, Florida and the Atlanta Open in Atlanta, Georgia. Outside of pickleball, Brandon is a talented artist and graphic designer, which is evident from his career as an art director at a prolific advertising agency. Brandon has merged his love for pickleball and his creative artistic genius, as he has designed several paddle covers, player logos and other pickleball brands, including the paddle cover for the Engage Pickleball Poach, paddle covers for Third Shot Drop, the adorable cupcake logo for Anna Leigh Waters and the great Block Niss Monster team brand for the Niss Family (who are definitely blocking monsters). Be on the lookout for these designs, as well as more that we are sure to see on and off the pickleball courts from Brandon in the near future!

Have you heard Mike’s songs or seen Brandon’s designs? Do you know anyone else that has merged their love for pickleball with their other hobbies and passions? Share with us, and/or give a shout out to Mike, Brandon and the other talented Picklers in the comments below!

Stacie Townsend
Stacie Townsend


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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper

August 12, 2018

Thank you for the nice article all for the love of Pickleball.

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