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Free Copy of The Pickleball Mental Edge at!

Have you ever felt as if you lost a point or game on the pickleball court because of your mental game, rather than your physical game? For instance, you lost focus, were thinking about the previous point where you missed a shot, or were simply down on yourself and lacking confidence in yourself?

The Pickleball Mental Edge: Learnings from Pickleball Pros and Pickleball Enthusiasts to Improve Your Pickleball Mental Game, an e-book published by Pickler, gives readers eight key mental learnings taught through short anecdotes. This e-book is an easy read with a powerful message, as these eight key mental learnings can quickly improve your pickleball game.

Every pickleball player at every level can learn something from this e-book to improve their pickleball game! And, the best part is, for a limited period of time, Pickler is giving it away for FREE! 

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