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Former Athlete or First-Time Athlete?

One thing I love about the sport of pickleball is that it draws people to the pickleball court from all different backgrounds, including varying athletic backgrounds. I frequently run into players on the pickleball court that have extensive athletic backgrounds (oftentimes, tennis and racquetball) and others that have no athletic background whatsoever. For instance, within my immediate family of three, I have one former semi-pro rugby player, one former international softball player, and one first-time athlete who never played a sport in her life until the youthful age of 58 when she stepped on the pickleball court. I also have friends that are former boxers, golfers, baseball players, volleyball players, basketball players, and even spearfishermen.
Before starting out on the pickleball court, did you play another sport (if so, what sport)? Or, was pickleball your first sport? Share with us in the comments below.