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The Pickleball Dictionary: The W's of Pickleball

by Stacie Townsend

Pickleball Dictionary: The W's of Pickleball

The Pickleball Dictionary winds up in the “W’s”! Let’s breakdown some of the common phrases, words, people, or organizations found in, on, and around the pickleball courts that start with the letter “W.”

Wall – Some pickleball players are great defensive players and can feel as if you are playing against a wall, as these great defensive pickleball players always seem to get the pickleball back over the net. For strategies on how to defeat these great defensive players, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Watch It! – A common phrase on the pickleball court when you are trying to alert your partner that the pickleball is likely sailing out of bounds. Other common phrases include “Out!,” “Let it go!” and “Bounce!.”

(Anna Leigh) Waters – Anna Leigh Waters is a 13-year-old pro pickleball player and absolute phenom on the pickleball courts. Anna Leigh’s first tournament was in November 2017 at the Delray Beach Pickleball Open where she took gold with Pickler Founder, Stacie Townsend. Since then, she has frequently been atop the podium with her mother, Leigh Waters, including their latest victory at the 2019 USA Pickleball National Championships! Anna Leigh is certainly one to watch!

(Leigh) Waters – Leigh Waters is one of the best pro pickleball players in the world and one of the reigning national champions from the 2019 USA Pickleball National Championships. Leigh is known for her killer drives and insanely smart strategy on the pickleball courts. Lookout for Leigh on the pickleball tours this year, especially as she takes on the field with her phenom 13-year old daughter, Anna Leigh Waters.

Weaker Opponent – One common strategy on the pickleball courts during competitive play is to target the weaker of your two opponents. Find your opponents’ weaknesses and isolate them. To learn more strategies for on the pickleball courts, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Weakness – Pickleball players strive to improve their respective weaknesses, while exploiting their opponents’ respective weaknesses. Drill, drill, drill to improve your weaknesses on the pickleball court!

(Dave) Weinbach – Dave “The Badger” Weinbach is a well-known pickleball pro with hundreds of medals and championships to his name. He is known for “Spreading the Pickleball Love” across the country.

Western Grip – A Western Grip is one of the grips that you may find on the pickleball courts. The Western Grip has its pros and cons, but is commonly known for its strong top spin that it can generate.

Wheelchair Pickleball – USA Pickleball has developed rules for both standing and wheelchair pickleball players. For wheelchair pickleball rules, visit: https://www.usapa.org/wheelchair-pickleball/.

Wiffle Ball – A pickleball is essentially a wiffle ball or, in other words, a hollow plastic-type ball with holes in it.

Wilson – Wilson, widely known as a great tennis company, is branching into pickleball with pickleball paddles and other gear that can be purchased at various retailers across the country and online. Check out Wilson’s gear at https://www.wilson.com/en-us/pickleball.

Win – The team or player on the pickleball that reaches, as applicable, 11, 15, 21, etc. (whether winning by 2 or 1, depending on the particular format), wins the pickleball game, which is a great feeling on the pickleball court.

Wind – When playing pickleball outdoors, wind can certainly be a factor. Take the wind into consideration on each shot—is the wind behind your back increasing the pace on your shot, at your face stopping your shot or across the court moving your shot to either side? Each pickleball player on the pickleball court is dealing with the same wind factors, so be sure to use the wind to your advantage.

Withdrawal – A withdrawal is a request by the pickleball player or team to be removed from play. It is generally a voluntary act.

(Matt) WrightMatt Wright, a former number 1 tennis player at the University of Michigan and currently a corporate attorney, is a top pickleball pro. He frequently tops the podium in both men’s and mixed doubles events (frequently, with Lucy Kovalova), including with marquee wins at the USA Pickleball National Championships and US Open Pickleball Championships.

Can you think of any more pickleball “W’s” to add? Share with us in the comments below!

Stacie Townsend
Stacie Townsend


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