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The Pickleball Dictionary: The P's of Pickleball

by Stacie Townsend 4 Comments

Pickleball Dictionary: The P's of Pickleball

The Pickleball Dictionary proceeds to the “P’s”! Let’s breakdown some of the common phrases, words, people, or organizations found in, on, and around the pickleball courts that start with the letter “P.”

Pace – Pace is another word for speed or power of the pickleball. The sport of pickleball is heading toward a game that has more pace and power in every point.

Paddle – A paddle is what pickleball players use to hit the pickleball. According to the rules of pickleball, a pickleball paddle cannot exceed 17 inches in length and cannot exceed a combined length and width of 24 inches.

Paddle Up – Generally, players want to play with their pickleball paddles up in a ready position. If a player’s paddle is down, the player may have a slower reaction time to hit the pickleball.

Paddletek – Paddletek is a pickleball company that produces quality paddles for the pickleball courts. Paddletek even allows you to customize your own pickleball paddle. Check out Paddletek and its pickleball paddles at

Para-Pickleball – USA Pickleball has developed rules for both standing and wheelchair pickleball players. For wheelchair pickleball rules, visit:

Park – A park is where many pickleball courts are found. Check out your nearest public park to see if you have a pickleball court in a park near you.

Partner – Pickleball is most commonly played in doubles. As a result, you will have a teammate on the pickleball court, who is generally called your partner.

Passing Shot – A passing shot is a winning shot, passed your opponents that is beyond your opponents’ reach.

Passionate – If nothing else, pickleball players are passionate. They are passionate about the sport of pickleball, they are passionate about their fellow Picklers, and they are passionate about putting “good” out in to the world

Patience – The old saying, “patience is a virtue,” holds true in pickleball. You must remain patient in your mind and in your body. Wait for the attackable shot that is too high, and attack!

(The) People’s Champ – John Davison, also known as “The People’s Champ,” is an up-and-coming pickleball pro known for his quick wit, especially on the Pickleball Forum group on Facebook.

Permanent Net – A permanent pickleball net is one that has solid posts cemented to the ground. A permanent pickleball net generally has a sturdier net and net cord, too.

Pickleball – Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country, and is generally described as a combination of tennis, table tennis (or ping pong), and badminton.

Pickleball Central – Pickleball Central is the largest reseller of pickleball paddles and other equipment on the Internet. Check out Pickleball Central and

Pickleball Magazine – Pickleball Magazine is an entire magazine dedicated to the sport of pickleball. Pickleball Magazine has over 100,000 subscribers and is available free online. Check out to read the latest edition of the Pickleball Magazine.

Pickleball Voyager – Randy Coleman, the Pickleball Voyager, travels the world spreading his joy and love for pickleball, while also taking selfies with everyone he meets. Follow Randy’s journey at

Pickler – Pickler is your online gateway to playing your best pickleball, as Pickler strives to help you improve your game and play your best pickleball, whether it is (1) through Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach pickleball video lessons or pickleball e-books that focus on every aspect of the sport of pickleball; or (2) by helping you look good, feel good, and play pickleball good with Pickler’s pickleball performance apparel line. Learn more about Pickler at

Pickles – Pickles the dog is the inspiration behind Pickleball’s funny name. One of the founder’s dog, Pickles, would chase the ball across the court and the house. As a result, the founders named their newly created game, Pickleball!

Places 2 Play – To find a place to play pickleball, check out USA Pickleball’s Places 2 Play at

Placement – Placement is key on the pickleball court. Placement can be the cause of winning shots, or result in creating opportunities for winning shots. Work on your placement on the pickleball courts. To learn how to maximize your placement of your various shots on the pickleball court, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Play – At the heart of pickleball is play. Get out on the pickleball courts and play!

Player – A player is any person on the court playing pickleball. There are four players on the pickleball court in doubles, and two players on the pickleball court in singles.

Poach – A poach is where a player crosses over the center line of the court to hit a pickleball on his or her partner’s side of the court. A poach is an aggressive move that can really put pressure on your opponents if executed properly. To learn when, how, and why to poach on the pickleball court, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Point – A point results when a rally on the pickleball court ends in favor of the serving team.

Pop Up – A pop up is what all pickleball players try to avoid doing, as it results in an easy offensive shot for their opponents. The key is keeping the pickleball low above the pickleball net, which will minimize your opponents’ ability to hit offensive shots.

Position – Positioning on the pickleball court is essential for success. Movement to the proper court position will help you create angles of attack for you and your partner and minimize angles of attack for your opponents. To learn some tricks to proper movement and court positioning, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Power – Power generates speed and pace on the pickleball. The sport of pickleball is heading toward a game that has more pace and power in every point.

PPR – The Professional Pickleball Registry (also known as the PPR) is an education and certification provider for the sport of pickleball. Learn more about the PPR at

Practice – To perfect your mechanics and fundamentals on the pickleball court, practice, especially in a non-stressful environment. In other words, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL! It is so important to drill to commit the proper pickleball mechanics to muscle memory and to make your proper pickleball mechanics part of your habits.

Predictable – Pickleball players generally want to avoid being predictable; rather, they want to be unpredictable. By being unpredictable, your opponents will not be able to anticipate your shots.

Pre-Serve Routine - Before you serve the pickleball (or even return of serve), find your routine to make sure you are both mentally and physically ready for the point. Pre-serve (or pre-return-of-serve) routines can also help you improve your timing. Find your own routine, so you are ready to play and win the point!

Pressure – Pickleball players should learn to play under pressure. The best pickleball players thrive under pressure.

Prince – Paddletek has partnered with Prince to create Prince pickleball paddles. To follow Prince pickleball, check out Prince’s Facebook page at

Pro – A pickleball pro is generally undefined, but is generally someone that plays pickleball at the highest level and has won money for medaling in a pickleball tournament.

ProKennex – ProKennex creates pickleball paddles that helps reduce shock and “pickleball elbow” or “tennis elbow.” To learn more about ProKennex paddles and other gear and apparel, visit

Prolite – Prolite is a company that has created pickleball paddles since 1984. To learn more about Prolite and its paddles, check out

Punch Volley – A punch volley is a shot where you may have more time or more room to attack a pickleball, but you probably should not be too aggressive and overplay the pickleball. This shot will be very similar to a block volley. However, a punch volley has a little more paddle swing. To learn how to perfect your punch volley on the pickleball courts, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Puppet Master – Tim “Puppet Master” Nelson is a pro pickleball player that found great success in tournaments across the country. Puppet Master is known for his antics to get in his opponents’ head and under his opponents’ skin, as well as for notarizing shots like the “Nasty Nelson.”

Purpose – It is important to have a purpose on the pickleball court. On the pickleball court, you can hit non-purposeful shots, which are simple shots to get the pickleball back over the net, or you can hit purposeful shots, where you are trying to be more aggressive and put pressure on your opponents.

Putaway Shot – A putaway shot is essentially a winner on the pickleball courts. If your opponents pop the pickleball up, high above the net, hit a putaway shot, and win the point.

Can you think of any more pickleball “P’s” to add? Share with us in the comments below!

Stacie Townsend
Stacie Townsend


4 Responses

Marie Cabral
Marie Cabral

January 23, 2020

Pickled – opponent loses the game without scoring or zero score


January 21, 2020

Suzanne Whatley
Suzanne Whatley

January 19, 2020

Prepare – get good sleep, stay well hydrated, stretch before and after matches.

Shanti McKinnie
Shanti McKinnie

January 18, 2020

Pickle – beat the other team 11-0

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