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The Pickleball Dictionary: The J's of Pickleball

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Pickleball Dictionary: The J's of Pickleball

The Pickleball Dictionary jumps to the “J’s”! Let’s breakdown some of the common phrases, words, people, or organizations found in, on, and around the pickleball courts that start with the letter “J.”

Jam – Getting jammed occurs when you hit the pickleball too close to your body. Getting jammed hinders your ability to hit a good shot. To avoid getting jammed, focus on hitting the pickleball out in front of your body. You could also try an inside out shot to get yourself out of a jam. To learn more tips to avoid getting jammed and how to hit an inside out shot, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

(Simone) Jardim – Simone Jardim quickly climbed to the top of the sport of pickleball after being introduced to pickleball in 2015. Simone Jardim, a former tennis standout and collegiate tennis coach, has frequently found herself atop the medal podium, including countless gold medals in both singles and doubles (both Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles) at the USA Pickleball National Championships, US Open Pickleball National Championships, and Tournament of Champions.

Joel Pritchard – Joel Pritchard, a United States Congressman from the State of Washington, invented the sport of pickleball with a few of his friends (Bill Bell and Barney McCallum) at his house on Bainbridge Island during the summer of 1965.

Jump – Sometimes, you may need to jump on the pickleball courts (whether it be for a split stop or split step, or whether it for an Erne). To learn more about how and why to split stop or split step, or how to Erne, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Junior – A junior is a pickleball player under the age of 19. Do not be fooled by age though—the juniors on the pickleball courts are fierce! Just ask Anna Leigh Waters.

Can you think of any more pickleball “J’s” to add? Share with us in the comments below!

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