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The Pickleball Dictionary: The E's of Pickleball

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Pickleball Dictionary: The E's of Pickleball

The Pickleball Dictionary hits the “E’s”! Let’s breakdown some of the common phrases, words, people, or organizations found in, on, and around the pickleball courts that start with the letter “E.”

Eastern Paddle Grip – The Eastern paddle grip is universal or neutral, as this paddle grip allows you to hit both a forehand and backhand shot on the pickleball courts with the same grip. To find this Eastern paddle grip, hold the paddle directly out in front of you with your opposite hand, such that the paddle face is looking to the left and right of your body. Take your hand that you hold the paddle with and place it on the face of the paddle. Slide your hand down the paddle face and shake hands with the paddle grip. To learn more about the Eastern paddle grip, and other paddle grips, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Electrum Pickleball – Electrum is a relatively new pickleball paddle company on the scene, known for its sleek black look. Check out the Electrum paddles at https://www.electrumpickleball.com/.

Engage Pickleball – Engage is a pickleball paddle company owned by the Elliott family (one of the great pickleball families) and operated out of Oxford, Florida. Engage produces quality paddles, and is also known for its terrific pickleball camps and pickleball academy. Check out Engage Pickleball and its products and services at https://engagepickleball.com/.

Erne - An Erne is a specialty shot on the pickleball court and is named after Erne Perry, who first invented the shot. The Erne is a shot where you hit the pickleball either (1) in the air as you are jumping around the non-volley zone or kitchen; or (2) after you run around or through the non-volley zone or kitchen and re-establish your feet out of bounds, just to the side of the non-volley zone or kitchen. To learn how to Erne, check out Pickler’s My Pro Pickleball Coach online video lessons.

Error – An error on the pickleball courts can lead to points for your opponents and missed opportunities for you and your partner. To improve your pickleball game, drill and practice to improve your fundamentals and reduce your unforced errors.

ESPN – ESPN has been known to broadcast some high-quality pickleball, as ESPN3 showcased the pro finals from the USA Pickleball National Championships in Indian Wells, California. Hopefully, ESPN will continue to broadcast and share our great sport of pickleball to the masses!

(Michelle) Esquivel – Michelle Esquivel is a rising star on the pickleball pro circuit. Michelle is well-known for her great pickleball singles play, but is also making waves for her terrific pickleball doubles play, as she recently won multiple medals at the USA Pickleball National Championships.

(Morgan) Evans – Morgan Evans, a native of Australia, is a well-known pickleball pro and pro pickleball coach. He has won countless medals over the years and has helped coach countless players to the medal podium, too.

Even (Right) Side – The even (right) side of the pickleball court is where each pickleball game starts, as the first serve of each side will always start on the even/right-hand side of the pickleball court. If the serving team wins the point, then the server and his or her partner will switch sides of the court.

Eye on the Pickleball – Pickleball is a game of reducing your unforced errors and can be a game of inches. To help reduce your unforced errors and improve your pickleball game, really try to keep your eye on the pickleball all the way to and through the point of contact on your shots on the pickleball court.

Can you think of any more pickleball “E’s” to add? Share with us in the comments below!

Stacie Townsend
Stacie Townsend


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elizabeth whelan
elizabeth whelan

December 05, 2019

Enique Ruiz! Great player and one who always pays it forward! Also, Easy. hit the ball easily, 75% power and Easy defines learning pickleball, except for the scoring of course!

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